Alita: Battle Angel – Movie Review


Pure movie magic

This movie is a lot of things. It is a coming of age movie, sci fi movie, action movie and on top of all that, a romance story. It is the perfect lovechild between Robert Rodriguez’ fantastic storytelling and James Cameron’s vivid imagination.

This is like most of Cameron’s movies, a CGI filled masterpiece. If you enjoy movies like Ready Player One or Avatar this is one graphical adventure you do not want to miss out on! If you are expecting a deep story then look elsewhere. It is a Hollywood storytelling kind of movie. What it lacks in story it makes up for in action, graphics and great acting.

The world feels real and so does the characters. It is a reflection of our own after “the fall”. A dystopian world where there is an obvious aristocracy of the somebodies and the nobodies. It is a world that sucks you in almost as soon as the movie starts.

The characters are portrayed by great actors but unfortunately they do not feel that fleshed out. They follow the Hollywood formula a tad bit too strictly and that makes the characters feel like cardboard cutouts at times which is very unfortunate.

The movie is not without its flaws. There is an array of characters. Both good guys and bad guys. It rapidly turns into a blur of fight scenes between the good and the bad. On top of that there is really no backstory provided to a lot of the conflicts. Alita Battle Angel would have worked a lot better if it had more focus. But then again if there are plans to make a trilogy like Lord Of The Rings then I can see why there is a lack of focus.

Is this movie worth going out of your way to watch when it hits theaters February 13? Most definitely I would say! There is some great effects, world building and acting going on despite its somewhat cheesy good vs evil plotline. If you enjoy fist fighting action movies and exotic sci-fi weapons all mixed together in a decent love story, then this movie is a must watch.