Churches and buildings

Malmö has an interesting mix architecture that has been influenced a lot by Denmark and the rest of Europe. In Kungsparken is the award-winning city library. The building consists of an older and a newer part that is interconnected with each other. The new part, “The Calendar of Light”, was designed by the Danish architect Henning Larsen.

On the Stortoget – a stone’s throw from Malmö Central Station lies the Town Hall. The building was built in 1546 but has undergone major changes over the centuries. In 1860 Helgo Zettervall transformed the facade into a Dutch Renaissance style. And in another part of the main square lies the Kockska House, which is one of Malmö’s best preserved 16th-century houses in red brick with a richly decorated staircase.

Today one of Malmö’s most famous restaurants, the Seasons, is located under the basement vault. Behind the Town Hall you can see the top of St. Peter’s Church Malmö’s oldest building from the early 1300s built in the Baltic brick Gothic. Parts of the medieval paintings in the church vault were developed and restored in the early 20th century.