Malmö Brewing Co & Taproom

The Malmo brewing company is a great place to get out of the house if you happen to be in the company of you several friends, and also happen to have a hankering for locally brewed hand crafted beer. If you happen to be an American like myself, this place is pretty great because they cater to a lot of English speaking tourists and also have an entirely English menu. My husband and I are not big beer people, however, we really did appreciate the selection and variety that the company offers at this establishment. We really liked the cacao porter, and if you are a wheat beer kind of person, they do that one pretty well. We ended up getting a flight to try out the different varieties since we don’t know too much about beer. It was a good choice. This place makes a pretty mean burger. They don’t have a large selection of menu items, but what they do have is pretty delicious. We recommend that you stick to standard bar food and beers, some of the more exotic items were not very tasty. A safe bet would be to satiate your self what they do best, which is beef. The staff and bartenders were very friendly, they gave us a really good recommendations and helped us in the end make a selection about what we ordered. You could tell that they were very passionate about their job, and not at all jaded like most front house staff are at these sorts of establishments. I was also impressed with their English ability. Just so you know, everybody here speaks very good English. If you happen to be dining with a friend, not to worry they do have an option for that. It is the BBQ roasted vegetables with all of the sites, those sides are pickled onions, sweet potato mash, and coleslaw. Our friend had that, and she told us it was very delicious. We wish that they sold and bottled their house sauce, which was on the table, it was so yummy. We would definitely come back here for another great night.