Where to start?

Admiring Sweden is so effortlessly shocking because of the vast natural allurement that flushes Scandinavias biggest country. Whether it being northern Sweden in the mountainous region know as Norrland terrain. Or the Central Swedish lowland that intertwines just below, consisting of four of Sweden’s biggest lakes that bestow a ray of graceful glamor. I personally believe that Scania also known as Skåne is the most delightful wonder that Swedish nature has to offer explorers. It consists of a ravishing coastline that casts a gaze of purity to the naked eye. The utter class of Malmö continues to repeatedly astonish all visitors of Skåne’s most populated and extravagant city. Here is a list of three enticing parks that lie in the center of Malmö’s heart.


Dania Park

Is there anyone that doesn’t take delight in the sun slowly tingling on your skin, while your toes frolic in the tan sand on a beach? I don’t think so. Dania Park in Malmö offers exactly that! There’s a diving board peering right out onto the indigo colored Baltic sea where people go diving in the summer. As you parade among the sensational trails of the park the elegant charm of the different wild flowers will flatter you. The array of exotic colors that a sunset exhibits along the coast line just makes you feel empowered with nature. If you ever get the pleasure to visit Malmö, Dania Park’s personality is something you defidently need to go experience for yourself.



Flourishing trees maintain a stance in Kungsparken, Malmö. The park offers dozens of natural trails for leisure enjoyment. Having created a canopy with fresh leaves the trees gift shade to visitors in the summer. A graceful river blends in with the scenery as it twists and turns along the paths. Colorful ducks normally stomp these grounds. It’s quite delightful to witness the free spirits bathe so effortlessly in the water. Encountering handcrafted statues is of the normal in Kungsparken also known as The King’s Park. King Oscar ll had designers sprinkle a dash of English romance to the spaced out nature park. The King’s Park is the oldest park in Malmö therefore it releases a bit of a historic class to the premises. Finding a location for a relaxing Sunday picnic shouldn’t be difficult. The extravagant landscape provides a magical touch of warmth for all events. Kungsparken is one of the most recommended parks to visit in all of Sweden! It’s beautiful panorama invites visitors from all around the world to come bask in its majestic appearance.



Slottsparken or in english Castle Park, features an ingenious castle called Malmöhus which was built in 1434. Upon arrival it’s clear that the park has a renaissance influence. The towering castle overlooks all of the running water that floats around it. Tall, elegant trees tend to always leave a reflection on the surface of the water. Having a renaissance charm to the scene is the reason behind the many exquisitely sculptured fountains on the grounds. Several species of birds flap their wings in the Malmö sky. Their rhythmic sing adds a cozy feeling like that of a hug. The perfect layout of the appealing park allows for an abundance of activities to take place at once. It’s the perfect family retreat.

Having stated my three personal best parks in Malmö, how could anyone disagree with me? Sweden has alot of natural locations that allows people to get a glimpse into the pleasant personality of the country. Where to start? Starting off your travels with Malmö is a great idea because Malmö gives you a great insight on what Sweden has to offer. Although I do recommend that people visit these parks, it’s better if you go in the spring, summer or fall. If you go in the winter you’ll need a bigger jacket!