Do you want to spend days off with fast-paced activities or gather a bunch of adventure in the city center? Malmö has plenty of options that offer a chance to gather over an active and above all fun moments. Whether it is the sunshine with outdoor activities or a party indoors, you can find some fun fun, both inside and outside the city below. Here we gather Malmö’s best activities.



Malmö’s old-fashioned riding house from the 19th century has been transformed into the French boule park. There are 14 indoor courts and eight outdoor courts where both novices and boule pros can enjoy French national sports. Of course there are also instructors in place for those who need some guidance. Also be sure to combine the game with French delicacies, such as a brunch, in the restaurant.

More information: Boule Bar


Adventure golf in Folkets Park

What separates adventurous gulf in Folkets Park from traditional minigolf is that the classic gardens and windmills have been replaced by courses that inspire Malmö’s landmarks. At fourteen holes you will find, among other things, a four-meter-high Turning Torso, an eight-meter-long Öresund bridge and the Kockumskran, which you can go underneath.

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Beautiful park activities

It’s not unusual to hear Malmö called the City of Parks. Some of the best party activities are performed in the park – boule, kubb, croquet and frisbee to name a few. Our favorite parks for social activities are undoubtedly Slottsparken and Pildammsparken, where there are plenty of green spaces to stretch out on.

Rent a paddle boat

Rent a paddle boat, bring some food and stroll past swimming geese and lush parks. The boat can accommodate four people and you can borrow life jackets at no additional cost. Half an hour costs 80 SEK, 2 hours 250 SEK.

More information:

Address: Raoul Wallenbergs Park

Hours All days the weather permits

May: 12-18

June-Aug: 11-19

Sep: 12-18 Sat, Sun

Ping Pong at Värnhem’s Square

Inspired from Berlin’s inner courtyards and parks, Värnhemstorget has a few outdoor ping pong tables it installed a few years ago. One tip is to always have the paddle and ball in your pocket if the desire hits you.

Ball sports at Söderhavet

The brand new Multisport Arena, the Söderhavet, at Södervärn is perfect for ball sports such as basketball, football and floorball. As soon as your group decides to play some ball sports, this is the only place you need to go. It is free and requires no pre-booking.


A classic among the company activities is bowling. There are a lot of different places to choose from and our favorite is O’Learys at the Entré where you can bowl at the top of the mall overlooking the surrounding neighborhood’s rooftops.


Frisbeegolf or discgolf as it is also called is a social sport that is gaining popularity. The principle is simple – to play a course with as few throws as possible. The best place to try is the Bulltoft Park, where there is a course just for frisbeegolf or Sibbarp where you can play on a path with sea views.


Billiards are an old favorite group activity that is always as fun. In Malmö there are several different pool hall places to choose from like Interpool Billiard, with 19 pool tables and a serious billiard feel, is one of our favorites

More information:

Interpool, Stora Nygatan 19

Royal Biljards,, Ystadsgatan 53 A

O’learys Entre, O´Learys Entré, Entré, Fredsgatan 3


Casino Cosmopol, represented in just four places in Sweden, boasts an impressive facility in Malmö. There is a wide range of games, but also a restaurant, bar and entertainment.

More information: Casino Cosmopol Malmö, Slottsgatan 33


For those who do not fear heights, climbing is an activity that guarantees adrenaline kicks. There are a few places in and around Malmö where the climb is perfect for beginners, Stapelbäddsparken for example. If you are more experienced, Hov’s Hallar or Kullen is a good choice.

More information: stapelbä, Stapelbäddsgatan 3

Laser Tag

Jump with futuristic laser weapons in your hand through dark caves and up ramps. The best place to try laser tag is Laserdome, which offers large spaces and thoughtful courses bursting with obstacles, ramps, passages that guarantee elevated adrenaline levels.

More information:, Drottninggatan 1


Put on the helmet, push the gas to the bottom and become Malmö’s best racing driver for one day. There are several good courses in and around town but Gokartcity and Lockarps Gokart are undoubtedly our favorites.

More information:, Lantmannagatan 59D, Larsbovägen 6


Load your weapon with color-filled plastic balls and give everything you have in the pursuit of your opponents. Nowadays, Malmö has its own Paintball arena where you play indoors. If you want to go for a little further, Paintballbanan in Löddeköpinge is a great option for playing outdoors in one of Northern Europe’s largest paintball courts.

More information:, Fosievägen 4, Paintballvägen 1

Water skis / Wakeboard

Look cool while gliding over the water’s surface on a couple of water slides or a wakeboard. Malmö Water Ski Club organizes courses where you can learn the skills to stand steadily on the bubbling waves.

More information: malmö, Vaktgatan


Jump high above the waves with a kite that draws you across the water surface. Nowadays there is a newly built mall with rental and beach café on Lomma beach. The summer is packed with courses that also allow beginners to keep up.

More information:, Lomma Beach House, Badvägen 2


Well, it’s actually popular to windsurf in Skåne. In fact, there are several good clubs near Malmö where you can try to stand on a surfboard. For beginners, there are several different lessons to choose from.

More information:, Bunkeflostrand, Badvägen 2

About the guide to activities in Malmö

The purpose of the guide is to help you find fun activities in Malmö and it is updated on a regular basis. Feel free to contact us at if you know any activity we have forgotten to write about. Also, if you see any errors in the guide, write us and we’ll fix it.