Pizza really is the best isn’t it? Warm crispy crust, fresh toppings and in Sweden you even get pizza salad! Everyone likes pizza… everybody but there are some pizza places that rise above the rest. In Malmö there are so many pizzerias to chose from that there needs to be a guide, so we made one. Here is some of the best places in Malmö, Sweden, to grab a slice or even a whole entire pizza just for yourself.

Fine Dining Pizza

A lunch time Di Penco's pasta daily specials are the local favorite but by night the pizzas are a close second. This family owned restaurant still makes it's own pasta and dough fresh everyday and they even sell it for you to take home and make yourself. Opening hours Monday - Friday 10:00 - 22:00 Saturday - Sunday [...]
Restaurang 400 Grader sits just down a back street behind the shopping centre, Triangeln. There are dozens of restaurants within a block or two from here but if you want Instagramable pizzas that have been wood fire baked then this is the only place to go. Bubbling mozzarella and cherry tomatoes are guaranteed to get you [...]
Ciao does a great job of transporting you straight to southern Europe. The atmosphere is comfortable and casual but classy. As any great Italian restaurant should offer, here you can get fresh pasta or a wood fire baked pizza. When the outdoor seating opens up in the spring and Friisgatan becomes a crowded walking street, [...]
Located in one of the trendiest places to grab lunch or an early dinner, Malmö Saluhall, you can find Hedvigsdal. Make your way to the back and your nose will lead you straight to these brick oven baked pizzas. The flour for the dough is locally produced and when you combine it with a locally [...]
If you find yourself in the middle of Malmö and you have to have a great pizza with fresh ingredients then you should just head to Spot. Very close to the center of town and near most of the shopping, Spot is the perfect place to rest, have a nice meal with some well chosen [...]

You will find Far i Hatten tucked away in Malmö Folkets park. In the summer, Folkets Park comes alive and the out door seating is a wonderful place to enjoy the weather and tranquil atmosphere.

The winner of the 2015 "Sveriges Mästerkock", Sandra Mastio, founded the pizza restaurant Mastio in Limhamn. Sandra brings the same enthusiasm to her pizzas as she did to win the show. Ingredients and picked special to make sure that the customer get s the very best pizza possible. Mastio fills up fast so make sure [...]

Spazio is a restaurant located in the food court section of Malmo station. Its great to grab a quick meal or snack, or to take it on the go with you as you travel! As its name suggests they serve up Italian dishes. You can get anything from paninis, pastas, lasagnas, calzones or even mini pizzas at a very reasonable price, usually between 85Kr and 100Kr for the majority of the dishes that they serve up.

DOC Piazza

Doc Piazza is an Italian restaurant with large open windows located near the water. It is a middle range priced restaurant. Locals flock to Doc Piazza for their amazing pizza. Some even claim that Doc Piazza has the best pizza in all of Malmo and to no surprise it is a hot spot for Malmo’s real pizza lovers.

Pizza Dal Sud
Pizza Dal Sud situated in shopping plaza called Mitt Möllan is making a name for itself as one of the best pizzas in Malmö. The dough is fermented for 10 hours and bubbles and crust to perfection. A crust that is a work of art topped with great ingredients that are chosen with love make [...]
In the beginning.... there was Bastard, and it is pretty much become a Malmö favorite ever since. Bastard's menu is built on the concept of "from nose to tail" and the decor matches the menu. The macabre setting is unique and so is the exceptional waiting staff and the drink selection. Bastard has even been recognized [...]
In one of the older parts of town close by Drottningtorget you will find La Trattoria, a stereotypical neighborhood Italian restaurant.  La Trattoria strives to make you comfortable and create a cozy environment, to which they succeed. The pizzas here are not over complicated, just simply satisfying. Family style Italian dining in Malmö. Opening hours Monday [...]
Pompei Pizzeria

Traveling to and from many different countries, you will soon come to realize that like people when food emigrates to a new country, it also changes a little bit to suit the taste of the local people. If I am going, to be honest, there are some food that changes a lot when they go from one country to another. Pizza is one of those foods that hardly stays the same from place to place. If you happen to be a fan of good, solid, Swedish style pizza, Pompei Pizzeria just might be the place for you. Swedish pizza is uniquely thin, crisps and well balanced compared to its lavish cousins with light cheese and freshly made tomato sauce resting nicely under your toppings.

Recently opened, Fredo's Pizzagastronomia focuses on quality locally produced raw materials to produce a quality pizza experience. With hopes to have several locations around Malmö, Fredo's is betting on higher customer satisfaction coming from higher quality products and service. Opening hours Monday - Sunday 11:00 - 22:00 Contact information 010-220 21 21 Drottninggatan 2C, [...]
If you have not been to Napoli, Italy, then your next best bet to get a Neapolitan pizza is from Via Napoli. If you are an authentic Italian food enthusiast then you should make your way towards the beach in Malmö and have a glass of house red and a classic Via Napoli pizza. This [...]

Takeout Pizza

Just around the corner from Rosengård's Centrum is Kitchen Kings, a restaurant boasting the area's most forgiving opening hours. Kitchen Kings has most of Malmö's fast food classics such as pizza, kebab, falafel, sandwiches and much more. There is even a breakfast menu. This the Rosengåd's all-night diner that also serves a killer slice. Opening [...]
Rex's Pizzeria in Sorgenfri is basically a pub but a pub that specializes in pizza. Rex goes out of their way to cater to vegans and their gluten sensitive clients. So you can get vegan cheese and sauces on a gluten free crust and it is without a doubt on par with any of the [...]
Pizzeria Davidshall is a pizzeria and a Greek restaurant so you can have the wide variety of Mediterranean cuisine under one roof. This Greek-owned pizzeria's menu focuses on pizza as well some classic Greek fare such as gyros and souvlaki. The pizzas can even be gluten free and come with gyros toppings. Opa! Opening hours [...]
Amanos Pizzeria & Restaurang is an old favorite near Värnhem. The pizza menu here has nearly every combination possible and the family size pizzas are comically huge, worth the price and delicious. Amanos take out order volume on Saturday and Sunday will prove that this is one of this part of town's favorite meals to [...]
The founder of the New York Pizzeria was inspired by pizzerias in America after living in North America for over a decade. The Pizza is sold in slices with soda combos and as whole pizzas too. New York Pizzeria always has the standard veggie or pepperoni pizza and if you order a whole then you [...]
The Matstugan, from the outside look like a normal street food hut but its pizzas are it claim to fame. Besides the hotdogs, meatballs, burgers and fries, you can order crispy crust pizzas with a variety of toppings. We recommend the kebab pizza with extra sauce. It is the standard. Opening hours Tuesday - Friday 11:00 - 21:00 [...]