Thrilla in Manila

At Malmöfestival you can find many diffrent types of special food and this is one of the really good ones.
Trilla in Manila is a stand at the festival that offers you a Filipino bbq style that will blow your mind.

Thrilla in Manila is a family owned food stand that is mostly located in Denmark but comes to Malmö from time to time,
with passion for the food they cook and the customer service is on point as you recieve a very happy face and charisma.

If you are a meat lover this is definitely the place for you as they offer everything from pork to chicken, you can even order a combo and the best part is that everything comes on a stick.
They also serve Siopao which if you dont know what this is it is steamed buns with a savory meat filling that is cooked by steam.

Dont waste your time wandering around all the food stands and thinking what you will eat today, go to Thrilla in Manila and have one of the best food experience of your life.

Opening hours

Monday – Sunday 12:00 – 23:00

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